Free Up Space On Your Christchurch Property: Sell an Old Car for Collection and Enjoy Free Removal Services

Everyone accumulates "things" and "stuff" over time When those things are old birthday cards from friends, and that "stuff" consists of cute souvenirs and keepsakes from yesteryear, they're rarely ever a concern Sure, you might have a little more clutter in your home, but it's never in the way The... ... read more.

Get Car Disposal to Scrap and Recycle Your Car in Christchurch with Kiwi Car Removal

If your car is old, damaged, or out of service, Kiwi Car Removal can help We offer reliable and simple scrap car removal in Christchurch From the moment that you call us to the moment that we give you cash for your car, you’ll be pleased with how straightforward and easy the process is For... ... read more.

Get Cash for European Cars and BMW’s with Christchurch Car Wreckers, Kiwi Car Removal

Even the best imported European cars like BMW’s can suffer damage and age to the point that they no longer run It can be difficult to think of them as scraps when they started life as works of art, but ultimately there comes a day that you need to hire European car wreckers in Christchurch When... ... read more.

How to Find Honda, Nissan, and Toyota Wreckers in Christchurch

Things happen to cars as time progresses There are accidents, breakdowns due to old parts, and drivers simply outgrowing their vehicles Sometimes, it is just better to let go of that old, broken down vehicle instead of struggling to repair or fix it Why not sell it We help you find a use for your... ... read more.

Use Auto Dismantlers in Christchurch to Get Cash for Your Unwanted Car

Finding reliable and professional auto dismantlers in Christchurch can be challenging There are many who say they will give you cash for your unwanted car, but will they do right by you and give you fair prices for your vehicle At Kiwi Car Removal, we do all we can to ensure customer satisfaction... ... read more.

Have an Accident in Christchurch? Selling Your Car to Wreckers in ChCh Made Easy

The period immediately following a car accident is often one of stress and confusion There are many things to look after, and many more if injuries occurred in the accident At the end of it all, when you are finally able to return home to settle in and relax, there are still some things will... ... read more.

Risk-Free, Car Wreckers and Auto Dismantlers in Ashburton

So you’ve heard about car wreckers in Ashburton and that you can be paid for your old cars, but you’re still not sure if it’s right for you Many people think cash for cars services and auto dismantlers in Ashburton are too good to be true, yet they are a standard, easy method to get some... ... read more.

How Car Wreckers and Auto Dismantlers Work in Rolleston

When you have cars that are no longer in use and taking up space in youryard, it can be frustrating finding a convenient way to get them removed That is why it is so surprising to some that car wreckers in Rolleston will not only take your car away without any hassle but will also give you cash for... ... read more.

Get Cash for Cars in Christchurch by Using Kiwi Car Removal

Are you looking for a quick and easy way to get cash for unwanted cars in Christchurch Kiwi Car Removal provides you with the perfect solution We offer free removal of your vehicle and scrap We strive to make our cash for cars process in Christchurch as stress-free and straightforward as... ... read more.

Kiwi Car Removal Takes Away Car Wreckers in Rangiora

Over and above the stress of an accident, dealing with the ramifications of getting your car to wreckers in Rangiora tends to cause unnecessary anxiety for the owner Kiwi Car Removal is here to help ease some of the burdens Our company hauls away any vehicle regardless of whether it is in working... ... read more.

Kiwi Car Removal Tows Away Your Scrapped Car to Wreckers in Kaiapoi

If you have a permanently damaged car on your property, the aesthetics do not make for an appealing look to the outside of your home Car wreckers in Kaiapoi can reduce this stress, annoyance, and aggravation for the owner Kiwi Car Removal offers free same-day pick up to transport your scrap car to... ... read more.