Risk-Free, Car Wreckers and Auto Dismantlers in Ashburton

So you’ve heard about car wreckers in Ashburton and that you can be paid for your old cars, but you’re still not sure if it’s right for you. Many people think cash for cars services and auto dismantlers in Ashburton are too good to be true, yet they are a standard, easy method to get some extra cash for cars you aren’t using anymore. In Ashburton, car wreckers will take your used vehicles and scrap the parts to be recycled and sold, later on, creating a win-win situation for both you and the service. As such, it is a no risk, convenient way to not only get your old car out of the way but put some well-deserved cash into your pocket. If you are interested in a car wrecking service, there a few key things you should know beforehand.




Why Choose Car Wreckers in Ashburton?

While auto dismantlers in Ashburton create an enticing prospect, many clients still have questions beforehand. This is of course entirely understandable, and there are a few specifics you should know before calling car wreckers in Ashburton. Here are a few key benefits of utilising Ashburton car wreckers.

  • Risk-Free with a Quote: Most auto dismantlers in Ashburton will give you a free quote before they come for your vehicle. By providing information about the make and model of your old car, a car wrecker can give you a precise estimate of the amount of money you will receive. This means you can decide if you are satisfied with the amount, and there’ll be no surprises.
  • Work with your Schedule: You are a busy person and waiting for someone to collect your used car might feel like a pain. That is why Ashburton car wreckers are flexible around your schedule and will be conscious about which times work for you. We accommodate even the busiest schedules alleviating any stress for you.
  • Cash for your Car: Most car wreckers give you cash in hand, right away and with no further questions asked. There aren’t complications around payment, and afterwards, your old car will be gone, and you will have some money to spare. Through this method of payment, you will receive a fair deal, and it’s an entirely reliable method of making cash.

Call Kiwi for Top Car Removal

For Ashburton’s premier cash for cars service, contact Kiwi Car Removal. We are a reliable, efficient car removal and auto dismantling service, and strive to give you the best deal for your old cars. Our options for car removal are easy, fast, and practical, making us the natural choice for our clients. If you have an old unused vehicle on your property, be sure to get in touch for your free quote today. We’ll get your car away in no time, leaving you with extra money in your pocket.