Kiwi Car Removal Tows Away Your Scrapped Car to Wreckers in Kaiapoi

If you have a permanently damaged car on your property, the aesthetics do not make for an appealing look to the outside of your home. Car wreckers in Kaiapoi can reduce this stress, annoyance, and aggravation for the owner. Kiwi Car Removal offers free same-day pick up to transport your scrap car to wreckers in Kaiapoi with a cash payout.




Why Use Our Company?

As a trusted name in the car removal industry, we pride ourselves in offering you the best price for your unwanted or damaged vehicle. We understand how frustrating it is to have a car that cannot be used due to an accident and we aim to remove it fast and according to your schedule.

Keep in mind that our company removes any car for any reason. Our process for this type of removal is precisely the same as that of car wreckers in Kaiapoi. The first step is to call our office for a quote. Please have as much data about the car with you at the time of your call to ensure we provide you with the best possible cash option.

Book Your Pick-Up Today

Our knowledgeable staff is ready to help coordinate a time for a driver to come to your address to tow away the unsightly wreck. Our same day pick-up option ensures that we execute the removal quickly. We handle all the paperwork for you to make the process stress free.

To learn more about our car removal service, feel free to call us on 0800 800 725 or go to our contact page for more ways to reach out.