Get Cash for European Cars and BMW’s with Christchurch Car Wreckers, Kiwi Car Removal

Even the best imported European cars like BMW’s can suffer damage and age to the point that they no longer run. It can be difficult to think of them as scraps when they started life as works of art, but ultimately there comes a day that you need to hire European car wreckers in Christchurch. When this happens, Kiwi Car Removal is there to give you cash for your car.




We will handle any car or truck that is only taking up space. Our team will pick it up for you in any condition, regardless of damage or how run down it is. We will also offer you the best market value for your car and promptly pick it up at your convenience.

We deal with all makes of cars, including European models such as BMW, Audi, and Mercedes. You’ll find the wreckers service to be very convenient when confronted with a Euro wreck. Christchurch is our home and where we operate out of, so we can respond swiftly to your call. We’ll never charge you fees or other costs, as we know that the scrap has value. As BMW wreckers in Christchurch, when we make money, you make money.

Follow All the Right Procedures to Dispose of a Euro Wreck in Christchurch

There are so many considerations about how to dismantle and dispose of a wrecked car, especially imported European cars such as BMW’s. As they often feature high-end electronic components, there are many possibly toxic fluids and materials that must be appropriately handled. If not recycled and disposed of correctly, the environment can suffer unnecessary damage. Eliminate those risks by using professional wreckers.

We have the licenses to dispose of your car officially and correctly. We’ll talk you through any questions you may have about proper documentation and how to sell your wreck for cash. Whether it was a luxury car or standard vehicle, you deserve to get the money it’s worth. When you call, we’ll set up the appointment and drive our truck to you on your schedule. As we pick up your dated, damaged, or unwanted car, our driver will give you cash.

Call Kiwi Car Removal to Get Cash Today

Our wreckers team is professional, experienced, and prompt. With ten years in the business, we have it down to a science. Our trucks are based in Christchurch, so we can even accommodate same-day pickup in many circumstances. We’re happy to pick up your car either at home or your business, even after an accident.

Take advantage of our flexibility and professionalism. If you provide us with accurate information over the phone, we’ll be able to give you an estimate of how much cash you’ll receive for your car. We invite you to contact us today; our team is available any time to respond to your enquiries or schedule a pickup with you. You’ll be pleased with the results, as we will get you real cash in hand after a painless procedure. Don’t get tied down to a BMW European wreck: call Kiwi Car Removal.