Free Up Space On Your Christchurch Property: Sell an Old Car for Collection and Enjoy Free Removal Services

Everyone accumulates “things” and “stuff” over time. When those things are old birthday cards from friends, and that “stuff” consists of cute souvenirs and keepsakes from yesteryear, they’re rarely ever a concern. Sure, you might have a little more clutter in your home, but it’s never in the way. The same isn’t true when the object you’ve been holding on to for some time is a derelict vehicle occupying space near your home. Perhaps it’s the result of an accident from six months or six years ago, or maybe it’s the old family car that finally stopped working after years of faithful service. Whatever its origin story may be, its present state is little more than the biggest kind of clutter you can have.




So, what should you do about the vehicle? Rather than allow it to continue sitting unused and uncared for on your property, why not get something in exchange for the car? Even if it no longer turns on at all, it still has value to someone. At Kiwi Car Removal, that’s our team. By providing free car removal to Christchurch residents and quick cash in exchange for cars, we make it easy to “de-clutter” your life and reclaim the space the vehicle takes up right now. What are some of the things you should know?

Easy Access to Quick Car Collection Services in Christchurch

We hear many questions about the car collection services we provide in Christchurch, but often they fall into the same veins. Some of the most common queries we get are:

What kinds of vehicles do you purchase?We buy all cars, utes, and trucks, no matter the condition—which means that whether the vehicle is in good shape or a “total loss,” we will still make a fair offer to you. It also doesn’t matter how new or how old a vehicle is or how many kilometres its odometer displays; while these factors can influence the price we quote to clients, it does not influence our decision to “buy” or “not buy.”

Do I have to pay for car collection in Christchurch? No, we never charge for removals and never deduct surprise fees from the sale price quoted to you over the phone.

Do I have to sell after receiving a quote? No, all our quotes are entirely obligation-free, and you remain at leisure to do with your vehicle as you please.

How much will I receive for my vehicle? That depends. Many factors influence the price we’re able to offer, but our quotes are always founded on the local fair market price, to ensure you can proceed with confidence knowing you received the best offer.

Trade Your Car for Cash and Enjoy Your Space Once More

With these answers in mind, the way the process works couldn’t be clearer. Of course, we are always willing to assist you with more help over the phone as well. Isn’t it about time to “de-clutter” your property and part ways with that old vehicle? To find out more specifically what you could earn by enlisting our help with car removal in Christchurch, use our contact form or give us a call on 0800 800 725.