Get Car Disposal to Scrap and Recycle Your Car in Christchurch with Kiwi Car Removal

If your car is old, damaged, or out of service, Kiwi Car Removal can help. We offer reliable and simple scrap car removal in Christchurch. From the moment that you call us to the moment that we give you cash for your car, you’ll be pleased with how straightforward and easy the process is.




For cars that have had significant damage through car accidents or are run down from years of wear and tear, the repairs can be cost-prohibitive. Significant reconstructions such as engine work or transmission replacement are intense and time-consuming procedures. In situations where a large amount of bodywork must also be repaired, it becomes even less profitable. In those cases, use Kiwi Car Removal to handle your car disposal in Christchurch.

Use Our Service: More Than Just Removal; It’s Car Recycling for Christchurch

Kiwi Car Removal will give you fair market value for your scrap car. Even in those situations where the damage is pronounced and debilitating, your car is worth money. We process your car and determine those areas which can be properly recycled, repaired, or resold. Although extensive damage can stop a vehicle from moving, it doesn’t eliminate the value of recycling the components that go into it. We give you cash for your car and provide an environmentally-conscious disposal service.

As you know, car recycling in Christchurch is not as simple as tossing a can in a bin, but it is incredibly important. The amount of hazardous and potentially toxic components in a car is staggering, so it must be processed with care, patience, and professionalism. As most people simply have neither the time nor the training to do so, it’s the kind of work best left to those with the experience and resources to do it for you.

How does the Kiwi Car Removal Process of Disposal Work?

Regardless of how you wound up needing to scrap your car and get proper disposal for it, we’ll handle the hard work and keep it simple for you. Just give us a call, and we’ll speak with you to get some preliminary information. From there, we’ll schedule a time to pick up the car for you. We provide free removal, so there’s no concern about having to bring your vehicle to our location for recycling. Further, we’ll give you cash on the spot so that you can immediately put it to use.

Our team is friendly and well-trained and will answer any questions that you have. We’ve been in business for ten years; during that time, we have streamlined our procedure and made it into something that is entirely painless for you. We are based in Woolston, Christchurch, so will also be able to respond promptly, ensuring that you don’t have to wait to get cash when you recycle your car with us.

Contact us today by email or phone to get started. Don’t let a scrap car sit idle when you could trade it in for recycling and cash right away.